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About Us

Welcome to Innermost Radiance

InnerMost Radiance, a registered trademark under Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd is now a leading Singaporean local brand for modern Chinese medicine and food nutrition. Our founder, Dr. Zhang Qinghong, was the first full-time principal for the Institute of Chinese Medicine Studies. He was among the few who are very proficient in the Integration of Western and Chinese Medicine and fluent in the understanding of both medicine and herbalism.

The products which our company has developed are focused on the idea of “homology of medicine and food” by applying the wisdoms of nutrition and Western scientific medicine with the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our range of products have been widely accepted and recommended by various well-known TCM chains and hospitals Including Raffles Chinese Medicine and Thomson Chinese Medicine.

InnerMost Radiance, a new revolutionary whitening product for the Equator, combines classical whitening ingredients of multiple famous brands. The product inspiration comes from the national flower of Singapore, the orchid: a perennial flower blossoming under the blazing tropical sun with its fragrance and charm. InnerMost Radiance for Skin Whitening has been well received and gained some loyal fans during the trial phase, calling it the “Hermes in the world of whitening”.

  • Professional R&D team
  • 2 Singapore-based GMP certified factory
  • 4 registered trademarks and over 40 registered products
  • Clientele of over 200 TCM clinics across Singapore


12+ Years of
Industry Exprience

Herb&Fashion Pte Ltd is dedicated to improving general health and wellbeing by combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern food technology. We feature a wide range of services including product development and conceptualisation, sourcing and procuring raw materials, regulatory compliance consultation, product formulation, prototype and sample production, and commercial launch.

H&F is dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Chinese Medicine culture and has cooperated with various Chinese pharmaceutical companies for their product registration and sales overseas, including Zhejiang Conba, Sunflower Pharmaceutical, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Yifang, Taiji Group, etc.

Our Mission

To be the specialists in high quality Chinese Proprietary Medicine and Health Supplements in the Asia-Pacific region

To be the brand of choice

Our Vision

To be the #1 modern TCM and related products provider

Our Brand Values

Integrity & Professionalism
We believe and operate our business embracing the qualities of being honest in our intentions, having business ethics in working with our partners and vendors, and using only the best professional care while producing what we market.

Love & Resilience
We believe in that every woman must love herself first, before she can give love and empower her family – and we aim to support each woman in building her confidence, from inside out, so she can show resilience and succeed in everything that she takes on in life.