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For Skin Whitening

For anti-aging & Moisturizing

Main Effects

  • Anti radiation 1
    dna DAMAGE
  • 6inhibit melanocyte
    cell SYNTHESIS


PhytoflORAL® is an extract of active ingredients found in non-GM white tomatoes, work conducted by a group of Israeli researchers. Its main function is to protect the skin against damage due caused by exposure and free radicals. Clinical study shows, long-term consumption can help to achieve skin protection, skin whitening and complexion evenness effects. A nutricosmetic containing a patented active ingredient.

PhytoflORAL® is a registered trademark of I.B.R. Israeli Biotechnology Research Ltd., registered in Singapore


There are two types of melanin: Pheomelanins (a yellowish pigment) and Eumelanins (a dark brown/black pigment). Under certain conditions (exposure to sunlight, wound, poor nutrition etc), tyrosine goes through a series of oxidative reactions and forms melanin. L-cysteine plays a part in this process, and directing the process to the formation of pheomelanin instead of eumelanin, which in result affect the skin tone.

Clinical Trials

Skin Lightening Effect

Skin Lightening: Skin colour was measured using a spectrocolorimeter and skin lightening was evaluated as a change in colorimetric parameters L*, b* and ITA°.

Clinical Scoring of Skin Parameters

Clinical Scoring: The tested subjects were assessed for skin quality parameters by an expert clinician. Each parameter was evaluated separately and was characterized with descriptive score and statistics.

Photo-Protective Effect

Photoprotection: (A) Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED), corresponding to the minimum irradiation dose inducing a clearly contoured erythemal filling. Subjects were evaluated for MED at day zero and the following indicated days. An increase in MED value indicates a photo-protective effect.

(B) Photoprotective distribution among the tested subjects.

Subjective Evaluation

Subjective evaluation: Self-assessment of the study participants skin quality as evaluated by a detailed questionnaire.

Skin quality estimation was scored by the subjects in a scale ranging from 1-10 (1=low quality, 10=high quality). Results are presented as percent of subjects that indicated high quality skin by scoring between 7 to 10 for the above parameters.

Main Effects

  • moisturizing 1
  • anti-wrinkle 2
  • revitalize cell3
  • anti-aging 4
  • 5After sun care
  • 6anti-inflammation
  • 7prevent
    collagen breakage
  • 8Soothing
    sensitive skin


NutroxSun® is a Spain branded ingredient developed from Rosemary and Citrus Paradisi. Clinical trials had proven its bioactivities such as: (1) Inhibits ROS Generation; (2) Prevents DNA Damage; (3) Boosts Cell Survival. After 1 month consumption (100mg/day), skin oxidation reduced by 16.2%, and wrinkles reduced by 8.8%.

NutroxSun® is a registered trademark of MONTELOEDER, S.L., registered in Singapore


Ceramosides™ are a patented and powerful source of phytoceramides concentrated from non-GM French wheat germ oil. It functions as skin water barrier to slow down the trans-epidermal water loss.

After 24 hours ingestion, Ceramosides™ bring ceramides via the bloodstream to inner layer of the skin, providing full body coverage. A strong moisturizing effect of +36% improvement is shown in the human RCT study (2 months, 30mg/day). Ceramosides™ also help fight free radicals and inhibit oxidative reactions in the body.

Ceramosides™ is a trademark of E.P.I. FRANCE


Oligomeric proanthocyanins (OPC) is a natural and highly efficient antioxidant. It can effectively remove excessive free radicals in the body to slow down the oxidation process of the skin for a beautiful skin. OPC can restore collagen activity for a smoother and firmer skin. It is the safest, most effective antioxidative nutricosmetic product!