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Recommended course duration? Reversion of effects when stop consumption?

1 course of a total of 3 months, clinical studies have shown whitening and lightening effects in 3 months; reduce skin spots.

Aging of the skin continues with time, when stop consuming the skin will retain at its condition at that point of time, but the lightening effects will not continue.

What is the difference from similar products in the market?

Our product is not in tablet form and does not contain any binding agents and other pharmaceutical additives, hence it is suitable for use by those with diabetes and undergoing weight management.

Long-term benefits of InnerMost Radiance® for Skin Whitening?

Whitening and lightening
Even skin tone, reduce skin spots
Anti-radiation and UV (UVA & UVB)
Improve skin condition, delay aging
Protects the skin from free radical damage

Mechanism of moisturising for InnerMost Radiance® for Moisturizing & Anti-aging?

Ceramides is a type of lipids which functions as a skin water barrier to slow down the trans-epidermal water loss.

Liver protective functions?

Promote glutathione synthesis, which has liver protective functions, and helps with the skin whitening effect as well. Avoid cold and raw foods and beverages, refrain from staying up late, and reduce alcohol consumption to protect the liver.

Directions of use

Skin Whitening to be taken before food in the morning, Moisturizing & Anti-aging 1-2 capsules to be taken before sleep. Continue for 3-6 months.

Expected results?

Clinical studies have shown that 73% of participants have skin brightening effects after 42 days, and 82% of participants have spot lightening effects after 84 days. Take 1-2 capsules on time every day while maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and prevent sunburns. If there are no obvious effects after duly completing the entire course, our company can provide a genetic testing and another course of 42-84 days, and looking at the scientific report to look for better solutions.

Caution while consumption?

To keep in a cool dark place, maintain sunscreen application regime, reduce alcohol consumption and staying up late, and maintain a happy mood.

Comparison with similar product (Crystal Tomato)

InnerMost Radiance® for Skin Whitening shares the same key ingredient (PhytoflORAL®), the difference is the dosage whereby our product is in capsule form.

PhytoflORAL® is a registered trademark of I.B.R. Israeli Biotechnology Research Ltd., registered in Singapore

Why Choose Us?

Authentic: formulated and manufactured in Singapore
Clinically approved: U.S. patented ingredients with clinical studies
Safety assured: natural plant ingredients with no pharmaceutical additives, manufactured in GMP certified production

Suitable for men, age spots and stretch marks?

It works for both males and females. Lightening effect on age spots. Not advisable to be taken for pregnant women. For stretch marks, please consult your healthcare practitioner.