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Ms. Lei

Posted by - Mar 12, 2019

Ms. Lei, age 29, has a surgical history in her university days due to uterine fibroid, causing severe dysmenorrhea. She has tried consuming a very well-known whitening product in Japan, and this resulted in menstrual cycle disorder with irregular discharge. When she found out that the Japanese product she has been consuming contains phytohormones, she immediately stopped consuming. Soon after during the peak of China’s summer period, she started taking InnerMost Radiance for Skin Whitening over 30 days. She found that the skin redness due to sunburn has lessened and there has been a reduction in pigment deposition. By also taking InnerMost Radiance for Anti-Aging & Moisturization, skin moisture and firmness has improved as well. The plant-based ingredients in the products has no adverse effects on the menstrual cycle.

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