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Ms. Li

Posted by - Jan 18, 2019

Currently lives in the Yungui Plateau with intense UV radiation, officer worker, part-time running a slimming products micro-business, often works at irregular times. Her skin is dark and has a number of skin spots. She has found out that some friends have been consuming InnerMost Radiance for Skin Whitening and would like to experience and give it a try before promoting the product. At first, she took one box with limited effects and started to doubt its effects. Later on, she realises that too many late nights can affect absorption, hence she decided to continue consuming until the third box and she discovered that her skin spots have faded, her skin turned smooth and the skin quality is more even. The improvement in her skin’s quality has given her more confidence. She always said: whitening and losing weight is every woman’s dream, and she has chosen to work in this industry for more women to achieve their dreams!

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