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Posted by - Jan 18, 2019

Beautiful complexion, a result of continuous consumption of InnerMost Radiance for Skin Whitening.
My skin has always been of a darker tone and I have been putting on many skin whitening products and foundations. No matter the thickness of products being applied to the skin, I come home every day in front of the mirror to the same darker-toned self after removing my makeup. Even my husband has been joking about me doing a ‘face swapping performance’ every day. I have been introduced the InnerMost Radiance for Skin Whitening by chance. After a first week of consumption with limited effects, I was ready to give up until when I saw the significant changes of the skin condition of my friend who has been consuming it for some time, hence I decided to continue the course with some hesitation. 4 weeks later, my skin started to appear fairer and by the 6th week, I was really happy to see my skin glowing from inside-out. Now my husband can no longer joke about the ‘face swapping performance’, because my face has really changed.

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